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New Dry Ridge Systems

Here at CRS we have used the traditional sand and cement mortar to fix ridge and hip tiles to roofs for years. Ridge and hip tiles run across the peak of the roof, providing the perfect clean finish to a roof, it is important that they are installed securely so they don’t come loose and damage slate or roof tiles.

Dry Ridge Systems have become popular more recently as an alternative method of fixing ridge and hip tiles to the roof because the more traditional sand and cement method has a number of issues. 

Using mortar to fix the roof ridge tiles is not only time-consuming, but the mortar often cracks and falls out over time. This is partly due to temperature fluctuations and weather conditions, leading to an unstable roof ridge that is exposed to the elements. 

Additionally, mortar-fixed ridge tiles require regular maintenance to prevent them from disconnecting and falling off.

new dry ridges
roll out dry ridge system
Dry ridge fitted
dry ridges by CRS

The British Standards, particularly BS5534 and BS 8216:2018, suggest that the traditional mortar method of fixing tiles onto roofs should only be used where absolutely necessary, for example in period or heritage properties, and for simple repairs.

The dry ridge system involves fixing ridge and hip tiles to a roof without sand or cement mortar, but instead with screws and clamps, which fix each ridge tile to the roof, with waterproof unions beneath the screws to divert water away from the join.

One of the most popular forms of dry ridge systems that we install across Yorkshire is the roll-out dry ridge system. The ridge roll is laid out along the ridge before the ridge tiles are installed, to provide a surface on which to connect the ridge tiles. The roll-out ridge system provides ventilation through the roll of the membrane, whilst also creating a waterproof and weatherproof roof ridge.

Available with new ridges or reusing the existing ridges if preferred.

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