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Ask CRS About Your Roof

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Latest customer questions and answers.

Q. How much does it cost to come and look at our Roofing issue?
A. Nothing! We come have a look at the roofing issue and provide a no obligation quotation by email.

Q. What guarantees do I get with roof repairs?
A. When it comes to roof repairs guarantees vary, Guarantees are always noted on the quotation.

Q. What guarantees come with a new dry ridge system?
A. 10 Year Guarantee on all dry ridge systems.

Q. What guarantees come with a new GRP fibreglass roof.
A. 25 Years Guarantee on most GRP fibreglass roofs.

Q. What reassurance do I get using Complete Roofing Solutions Yorkshire?
A. CRS are registered with Trust a Trader, Check a Trader, Rated People and fully insured.

Q. Why fit a dry ridge system?
A. Most wet works on roofs has changed to dry! Check out our Dry Ridge website page for more details.

Q. What is the best Roofing tile to use?
A. Different buildings, different roofs. Normal practice is like for like, but more recently with more environmentally friendly products on the market, light weight products and power generating products people are opting for something different.

Q. My chimney looks unsafe?
A. We do lots of chimney work, fully grinding out the chimney stack, re-pointing and flaunching the top.

Q. How long does a house roof last?
A. Good question! With so many factors, what tile/slate, how the property is positioned weather wise, how the roof has been maintained etc... (Hope that helps)

Q. I have had a survey done and it's brought up some issues with the roof?
A. Very common, usually when having a survey done it will at least mention the current state of the properties roof. CRS are happy to come and quote for suggested works.

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